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Savoir faire croquis Savoir faire dessin

Design made in France

Rebecca, the designer draws and imagines all the creations in her small workshop.

There is a mix of warm colors and prints. The lines are perfectly thought out and worked to offer original and unique models.

Overflowing with imagination, her inspirations are multiple and diverse.

Jose’s Workshop

We work closely with Jose in his workshop in Feilgueiras; a region renowned throughout the world for its expertise in footwear!

Jose is a shoe lover and connoisseur with over 25 years of expertise. He knows the issues involved in the design of each of our models and has been able to adapt to pineapple fiber, until then, a product with which his team had never worked.
We chose Jose’s workshop because it is a human-sized workshop where everyone knows each other and is passionate about shoes. The work ethic is respected, the employees are happy and this is reflected in each of our models!

Atelier portugal

Savoir faire dessin


All our models are made by hand, a traditional know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.

Did you know that it takes no less than 100 operations to make a shoe?

The designer works closely with the studio to develop patterns.

The prototypes are made on site step by step before starting production.


We want to have a fair and natural product from the upper to the sole.
This is why we made the choice to use natural materials.

For our first collection our soles are made of rubber which guarantees a perfect grip, we also find cork, rope and microphone.

The sole is designed to be strong, flexible, light and durable.

Carte portugal


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